I created an image file with createRemoteFileNode   🔧


My Sunday Skill Builder Session:

This Sunday, I created an image file with createRemoteFileNode

What did I do?

I created an image file to use inside my node

Why did I do it?

I wanted to use some Gatsby Image trickery on the thumbnail in our youtube data 💪😺. Therefore I downloaded the thumbnail into my data layer. At least, that is how I see it.

How did I do it?

The short version:

// POW!-website plugins / local - source - youtube / gatsby - node.js;
const { createRemoteFileNode } = require("gatsby-source-filesystem");

const youTubeNodeId = createNodeId(`you-tube-${id}`);

const imageFile = await createRemoteFileNode({
  url: embedData.thumbnail_url,
  parentNodeId: youTubeNodeId,

And then, I use my image file inside my node like this.

  thumnail___NODE: imageFile.id,

For the longer version, watch Sunday's OlaCast on YouTube

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Ola Vea
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