This week around the Gatsby islands

I had somehow convinced myself this is the week I turn 40, but alas its another year before I can join the rank of the older and wiser 🤪

This week there are two interesting webinars back to back on Thursday. One by Gatsby on Peak Frontend Performance and one on Managing Remote State w/ React Query. The latter is not Gatsby specific, but Gatsby + React Query = a Nice Setup.

I'll have to watch them both after the fact, as Thursday is also the day for our unauthorized and rum-fueled treasure hunt in the sharky waters around the Gatsby islands.

Last week fellow Blogging for Devs member Philo Hermans released Unlock. A product that should take all the pain out of selling software, including npm packages.

I think this could be a solution for those of us wanting to sell Gatsby Plugins...

Our streaming schedule this week

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All the best,
Queen Raae

PS: If you have any tips for next week, let me know!

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