Create your own Gatsby plugin with automated releases

In yesterday's unauthorized and rum-fueled treasure hunt in the sharky waters around the Gatsby islands, we tested the Gatsby Plugin Starter I have been working on.

Good thing we did, because in revamping the example plugin that comes with the starter, I had introduced a bug 🤦‍♀️ Watch me figure it out live on the stream 🤪

It was an easy enough fix, and @raae/gatsby-plugin-starter is ready to be taken for a spin 🎉

Why use the starter?

The starter is a yarn workspace with both the plugin and a demo site configured for you. It makes it super fast to get started.

Tweet by @Ash_Hitchcock: almost forgot thanks to @raae the Gatsby Plugin starter ... made the plugin blazingly fast to write, with full Semantic Release to NPM Raising hands

But even more excitedly, it comes with Semantic Release configured to release new versions of your plugin to npm based on your commit messages!

If automation does not make you all excited, you can borrow some of mine 🤪

Happy Queen, Happy Cap'n and a "Finally" chat message when the release happened

Be sure to let me know of any problems you might encounter!
I love getting (e)mail 📬

All the best,
Queen Raae

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