Failed at "create pages only for markdown pages, not for markdown sections"

My Sunday Skill Builder Session:

This Sunday, I tried to create pages only for markdown pages, not for markdown sections. On our POW! Website.

What did I do?

I created pages with markdown files and the createPages hook from @GatsbyJS

Why did I do it?

Because it's tidier and because Queen Benedicte @raae told me to do it.

How did I do it?

The short version is I started out with my 1.2.3 A.B.C. mnemonic Gingerbread house.

  1. Supplies: allMarkdownRemark.node
  2. Bakingsong = bakingSong.js
  3. Loop over the supply node and create a page

A. Ahoy! Aroma path!
B. BakingSong is a component
C. Catsby id is context

What went wrong?

I'll get into what went wrong on Thursday at 7 pm CET!

That's right; I'll be live coding alone on our Gatsby Deep-Dives because the Queen and the Pirate Princess are skiing in the mountains. ⛰️⛷️

For the long version of My Sunday Skill Builder Session watch Sunday's OlaCast on YouTube

Keep your skill-building-ship afloat this week!

Ola Vea
Cap'n of his own skill-builder-ship

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