I found one error while creating pages only for markdown pages, not for markdown sections

My Sunday Skill Builder Session:

This Sunday, I created pages only for markdown pages, not for markdown sections. On our POW!-website.

What did I do?

I created pages with markdown and the createPages hook from @GatsbyJS

Why did I do it?

Because it's tidier than creating a bunch of "bonus" pages with content I already show on my index page. And because Queen Benedicte @raae told me to do it.

How did I do it?

The short version is I started out with my 1.2.3 A.B.C. mnemonic Gingerbread house. And I found one error; see below.

  1. filter ☕ first
  2. bakingSong 🎵 🦢
  3. aromaNode 🍰💰

A. aromaNodePath 🍰.🍓.🐛 B. bakingSong 🎵 🙀 C. catsbyId 😼🆔

What was the error I found?

I forgot to rename allMarkdownRemark to supplies in my graphql query:

// wrong

const { data } = await graphql(`{
        filter: { fileAbsolutePath: { regex: "/index.md/" } }
      ) {}

// right

const { data } = await graphql(`{
      supplies: allMarkdownRemark(
        filter: { fileAbsolutePath: { regex: "/index.md/" } }
      ) {}

So that when I was going to use my data: data.supplies.nodes.forEach I got an error message, and the pages were not created.

For the long version of My Sunday Skill Builder Session, watch Sunday's OlaCast on YouTube

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Ola Vea
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