Happy International Women's Day and POW!'s second birthday

It's International Women's Day and not so coincidentally also POW!'s second birthday!

You might be wondering:

What is POW?

POW! is the the privacy-first menstrual cycle journal I created as a proof of concept when working on the talk A privacy first period tracker? Is it even possible?

Why is it relevant?

POW! is built with Gatsby. The code so far is open source, and we'll be working on migrating the marketing site (currently on Squarespace 😳) to Gatsby — I see interesting POW! themed Gatsby Deep-Dives in our future....

How can I help?

We need folks willing to be interviewed about their current cycle logging habits. If that is you, or someone you know, send an email to hello@usepow.app or DM me on Twitter @raae.

All the best,
Queen Raae

PS: Cap'n Ola's birthday present to POW! is a new crew member. Read all about it on olavea.com.

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