POW! Password Peek-a-boo

My Sunday Skill Builder Session:

This Sunday, I made Password Peek-a-boo on the login page on our POW!-website. So now we're showing you your password if you poke the eye icon inside the password field. Later we will use that login page on the POW! app

What did I do?

POW! Password Peek-a-boo POW! Password Peek-a-boo

Why did I do it?

I like to see my pasSwords when I copy-paste them from 1Password and write them from memory because I am a visual guy. So we want our POW! customers to be able to choose for themselves. And because Queen @raae told me to do it.

How did I do it?

The short version:

  • made a button with MUI
  • added an aria-label and an onClick handler
  aria-label="toggle password visibility"

For the long version of My Sunday Skill Builder Session:, watch Sunday's OlaCast on YouTube

Keep your skill-building-ship afloat this week!

Ola Vea
Cap'n of his own skill-builder-ship

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