New service: Done-for-you Integration Demo

Are you swamped in customer requests for how to integrate your SaaS with Gatsby, Next, or even plain React?

We can now help!

Imagine having a fully working integration demo done for you, created by experts in these exact frameworks.

Complete with a code repository on GitHub/CodeSandbox, and an engaging video walkthrough!

But don't take my word for it:

I hired Queen Raae to help my start-up with a really important project: demonstrating how our software can be integrated with a React application.

This was a highly technical project that required a seasoned software engineer to execute — and teach — well. She executed the project with very little oversight, taking the requirements and delivering solid solutions through her own trial, error, and understanding of our SDK.

It allowed us to deliver an important project that will benefit our customers for a long time to come, cost-effectively and without pulling our engineers away from their other work.

Geoff Roberts
Co-Founder of Outseta

Read more about Done-for-you Integration Demo and send the link to all your SaaS founder friends 🙏

All the best,
Queen Raae

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