Take the upgraded Gatsby Cloudinary plugins for a spin

Taking a tiny break from the summer vacay content hiatus to let you know:

The upgraded Gatsby Cloudinary plugins are ready for you!

Take'em for a spin on your website.

Support for gatsby-plugin-image and Gatsby v4 support has landed.

The good news is that you don't need to upgrade to Gatsby v4 because we made'em backward compatible with v3 as well.

How do I get the upgraded Gatsby Cloudinary plugins?

The source plugin has an official new release:

yarn add gatsby-source-cloudinary@latest
npm install gatsby-source-cloudinary@latest

While the transformer plugin is in beta, we would love it if you took it for a spin; it works with both Gatsby v3 and Gatsby v4:

yarn add gatsby-transformer-cloudinary@beta-v4
npm install gatsby-transformer-cloudinary@beta-v4

Suppose you are already using gatsby-transformer-cloudinary with existing data. In that case, you might want to start with gatsby-transformer-cloudinary@beta, which has no breaking changes, but the possibility to migrate to gatsby-plugin-image before doing v4 needed changes.

Backwards compatible plugins

With the gentle guidance of my mentor and senior plugin engineer, I've contributed code and learned a lot. I don't know your favorite learning style, but I am a learning-by-doing kind of junior dev.

I'll share one thing I learned about backward compatibility: the "if-else" statement. That's right! Good old else "if-else" is one thing I used to make gatsby-transformer-cloudinary work with your old Gatsby version. Or work with your new Gatsby version if you've updated it.

This is what I did:

I installed gatsby-plugin-utils:

npm i gatsby-plugin-utils

I followed the Great Gatsby version 4 docs on backward compatible global state: 3. Global state backward compatible

// packages/gatsby-transformer-cloudinary/gatsby-node.js

let coreSupportsOnPluginInit = undefined;

try {
  const { isGatsbyNodeLifecycleSupported } = require(`gatsby-plugin-utils`);

  if (isGatsbyNodeLifecycleSupported(`onPluginInit`)) {
    coreSupportsOnPluginInit = "stable";
  } else if (isGatsbyNodeLifecycleSupported(`unstable_onPluginInit`)) {
    coreSupportsOnPluginInit = "unstable";
} catch (error) {
  console.error(`could not check`);

const pluginOptions = getPluginOptions();

const initializaGlobalState = ({ reporter }, pluginOptions) => {
  setPluginOptions({ reporter, pluginOptions });

if (coreSupportsOnPluginInit === "stable") {
  exports.onPluginInit = initializeGlobalState;
} else if (coreSupportsOnPluginInit === "stable") {
  exports.unstable_onPluginInit = initializeGlobalState;
} else {
  exports.onPreBootstrap = initializeGlobalState;

Join our bug-treasure-hunt

When I say learning-by-doing, I mean doing again and again and again. So if you DO run into a bug, please report it. I'd love to look in on my code again; it's great repetition. 😺


All the best
Cap'n Ola Vea

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