Didn't you know Jamstack programming used to be illegal? Huh?

Ahoy, skill-builder pirate of Jamstackia!


We looked into "my Again Logbook 📕" in my last letter, and today I'll start with the backstory of my plugin workbook. It's just a start, and you can start thinking about:

How writing your own backstory could be good for your motivation.

HOW Jamstack programming used to be illegal back in the good old, OLD times

You probably didn't know that, but soon you will.

A long time ago, on a Bridge far, far away ....


Lance-Lotta (13) is programming on her illegal Gatsby plugin.

«What are you DOING!» Shouts Lizabeth.

«I'm sourcing images from this piraty API thingy!» Says Lance-Lotta

«Sourcery!? You KNOW how illegal Jamstack sourcery is under the city's new anti-witchcraft laws.» Says Lizabeth.


«Relax, I'll never get caught» Says Lance-Lotta.

«You'll never get caught?! Like you didn't get caught last week when you "borrowed" Merlina's yellow submarine and crashed it into our bridge? Or like that time you....» Says Lizabeth.

sinking submarine

«Oh DO shut up or else.» Says Lance-Lotta.

Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of GO! 😺


Write up a sentence about your idea for your backstory and email it to Lillian (7 🏴‍☠️👸) and me, that would help us a lot!



Stay piraty 🏴‍☠️😺👍 and keep practicing!
Cap'n Ola Vea

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