Me, a content creator? And this week around the Gatsby islands

Even after streaming, podcasting and writing almost daily, I have not seen myself as a "content creator." But I guess that is part of who I am, maybe even a large part and truth be told, a part of my day-to-day I find exciting, creative and fun 🎉

The new year even started with closing a deal to produce three videos for Xata. So I guess it's time to embrace it and make 2023 the year I come out as a content creator. It might not come as a surprise to you, though 🤷‍♀️

We'll keep leaning into audio and video, so let me know if your company could benefit from some joyful videos or a podcast season tailored to your dev audience!

Our weekly Treasure Hunt

🔴 🏴‍☠️ Explore NextAuth in Cloudflare Workers with Xata for Prune your Follows
— Thursday, January 19th @ 19:00 CET

In other Empires

Component-driven development with Faker.js — Jessica Sachs (LWJ)
— Thursday, January 26th @ 18:30 CET

Royal visits by Queen Raae

Speaker @ 2023 (
— January 26th @ 17:35 CET

Fireside Chat with Will Sentance (Codesmith's YT Channel)
— Postponed


All the best,
Queen Raae

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