What do I email my SaaS users?

"What do I email my SaaS users?" is a question you should probably be asking a little earlier in your journey than I did. No email has yet been sent to Prune your Follows users 😬

You could probably ask ChatGPT, but I am getting "at capacity" messages right now. Also, I still believe in a little human touch.

But if you, like me, still need some help getting started with your SaaS lifecycle emails, check out Userlist's Full-Text Campaign Templates.

No more staring at a blank piece of paper screen 💪

They got templates for:

  • Basic Onboarding
  • Upgrade to Paid
  • Newly Upgraded
  • Switch to Annual Billing
  • Ask for a Review
  • Offer Support Proactively
  • NPS Survey
  • Upcoming Payment
  • Failed Payment Recovery
  • Cancellation Survey

Screenshot of list of templates + start of "Basic Onboarding"

I'll use the "Basic Onboarding" and "Ask for a Review" myself in the coming weeks as we set up campaigns for Prune your Follows.


All the best,
Queen Raae


Disclosure: Co-founder of Userlist Benedikt is my Slow&Steady co-host and is sponsoring Prune your Follows with an account. But I have been recommending these templates for a long time with great feedback.

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