Twitter API pricing?!?! πŸ’Έ And this week around the Gatsby islands

Netlify bought Gatsby last week, Twitter starts charging for API usage on Thursday. Both impact Prune your Follows as it's hosted on Gatsby Cloud and uses the Twitter API.

Depending on the price point and how fast we can build billing into Prune your Follows, the latter might shut us down. The price is still not announced with 3 days to go:

Starting February 9, we will no longer support free access to the Twitter API, both v2 and v1.1. A paid basic tier will be available instead 🧡

Our weekly Treasure Hunt

πŸ”΄ πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ Twitter pricing and the future of #PruneYourFollows
β€” Thursday, February 9th @ 19:00 CET

In other Empires

Sanity Studio v3 β€” Kapehe (LWJ)
β€” Thursday, February 9th @ 18:30 CET

Better REST through GraphQL β€” Alex Patterson ( β€” Tuesday, February 14th @ 19:00 CET

Visual Editing w/Next.js, Contentful, and Stackbit β€” Tiff Janzen (LWJ)
β€” Thursday, February 16th @ 18:30 CET

Royal visits by Queen Raae

Fireside Chat (Codesmith's YT Channel)
β€” Tuesday, February 28th @ 21:00 CET (not on the schedule yet)

Cloudinary DevJam (Cloudinary YT Channel)
β€” Wednesday, March 15th @ 19:00 CET (not on the schedule yet)


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