Twitter announces 100 USD plan, but we still know next to nothing

I spent most of yesterday trying not to look up the promised Twitter pricing so that I could react live on our unauthorized and rum-fueled treasure hunt.

However, there was not much to react to:

  • Paid plan: 100 USD a month with
    • for low level of API usage (whatever that means)
    • max 1,500 tweets created per month
  • Fee plan: there will still be one 🤪

Twitter Dev's update

We still have no idea if Prune your Follows can run on the free plan. 100 USD a month is a lot to swing for a side project such as Prune your Follows if that is where we land.

Let's all cross our fingers that we'll be fine on the "new" free plan 🤞


All the best,
Queen Raae

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