It takes practice and creative side quests 👩‍🎨 And this week's schedule

We spent Saturday at the local library and their comic series party. The Pirate Princess and her friend enjoyed helping the comic book author Sara Hjardar, create scary creatures from cute animals.

Sara Hjardar talks about her process

I appreciated the part of her talk where she showed her process—even some drawings from kindergarten. It very visually drove home that it takes practice and creative side quests to end up with a project like hers—something we all need to be reminded of every now and then.

This week we'll interview Anna Maste for the Xata podcast Data in the Wild. She is the exited founder of Boondockers Welcome and the current founder of Subscribe Sense.

Data in the wild cover with photo of Anna Maste

This week

🔴 🐢 Episode 175 · Slow & Steady
— Tuesday, March 28th @ 15:15 CEST

🔴 🦋 Data Model Chat with Anne Maste · Data in the wild
— Tuesday, March 28th @ 19:15 CEST

🔴 🏴‍☠️ Setting up email infra for Prune your Follows · JamstackPirates
— Thursday, March 23rd @ 19:00 CET

Some fun ones from the past

🎧 🐢 Benedikt and Anna talk about some of the opportunities and dangers when working with email providers. Userlist has had to ask similar questions about handling emails and user behavior. The three discuss how Anna's previous exit played out, what her expectations are for Subscribe Sense post-exit, how she delineates development and marketing work, and how education and software stacks play a role in getting to an MVP. · Slow & Steady

🔴 🏴‍☠️ Stripe webhook verification in a Gatsby Serverless Function · #GatsbyJS Deep Dive · #GatsbyJS Deep Dive

In the far future

🔴 🖼️ Cloudinary DevJam · Cloudinary
— Wednesday, June 21st @ 20:00 CEST


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