Pirate's pages are weirdly unblocking

Pirate's pages are weirdly unblocking

Recovering my childhood's piraty creativity was a ... dirty knife fight ⚔️. And THAT's why I'm giving you my fav trick. My ace in the hole. I know it's not politically correct anymore, but I'm giving you a gun you can take to your own creativity knife fight

I recovered my childhood's piraty creativity and one tool I used is an age old and peculiar process I call the Pirate's Pages.

I've done my Pirate's Pages since 2021. Queen Raae started YEARS before me. And spent considerable time convincing me to do them.

What are Pirate's Pages?

  1. I sit down in my private pirate place with a cup of dark coffee.
  2. A fat pile of blank A4 papers in front of me and my fav fountain pen in my hand. I start a timer for 22 minutes.
  3. Now I write down EVERYTHING that pops into my head. Literally. For example:

«I slept like dog shaite. Woke up sweaty like a hairy pig, from a bad dream. I was back working on the ship. We were loaded to the gunnels with guests in their summer finery. Toasting tall glasses of champagne. Our skipper was drink as a skunk and not far away I saw the cops coming in their black and white rubber dinghy. We were F***ED.

I guess it's because I'm meeting (redacted) tomorrow. F*******! I can't BELIEVE she can still get to me, after all these years.»

Why do I do Pirate's Pages?

Yeah it's BAD shit, pouring out. And it's REAL. That is the WHY right there, I get the BAD shit OUT with my Pirate's Pages. That makes it easier to get my creative stuff out.

There's no wrong way to do Pirate's Pages

There's no wrong way for me to do my Pirate's Pages. And doing morning pages is not really writing. I'm just dragging my pen across the page. Getting down whatever. As fast as I can. Nothing is too weird, weak, angry, evil, stupid or politically incorrect for my Pirate's Pages. Because nobody is EVER reading my Pirate's Pages. I didn't even read them MYSELF the first handful of weeks.


I know what your thinking «You call THIS bringing a gun to a knife fight? Give me a BREAK! This isn't even a tool.»

History speaks for itself

Well I'm not overstating it when I say that this tool has worked for hundreds of recovered artists. Maybe even thousands of recovered artists. Artists like Tim Ferriss. This tool is originally called The Morning Pages. Buy the beautiful book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and read all about it.

The Artist's Way cover by Julia Cameron

Since this beloved book came out in 1992, it's been praised by artists like Martin Scorsese, John Cleese and Reese Witherspoon.

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