Let's help Mirjam create Conference Buddy 2.0 this holiday season  🔴 

In a dramatic movie trailer voice... Today at 19:00 CET the journey towards Conference Buddy 2.0 begins on YouTube.

Picture of the family (Ola, Lillian and Queen Raae), Picure of Mirjam, the Conference Buddy logo and a Gatsby flag on top of a picture of the sea.

What is Conference Buddy?

Conference Buddy is an initiative started by Mirjam. Its purpose is to help lessen the anxiety for first-time conference-goers by giving them a chance to get to know other attendees ahead of time.

What is the plan?

Ola, guests, and I will advise Mirjam while she tackles creating a new conferencebuddy.io with Gatsby +++.

Tonight we'll have a look at Mirjam's initial Gatsby setup, talk about her plans for Conference Buddy 2.0 and decide on a next step (aka. homework for Mirjam 🤪).

Be a fly on the wall, or an active participant, in the development of Conference Buddy 2.0 by tuning in Thursdays at 19.00 CET.

All the best,
Queen Raae

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