This week around the Gatsby islands  🏝 🗓

Netlify did not only release support for Gatsby SSG and DSG last week they also released Scheduled Functions in beta:

Scheduled Functions is a feature of Netlify Functions that enables you to run functions on a regular and consistent schedule, much like a cron job.

There is also an ongoing Netlify + Hashnode hackaton happening with a $2000 USD cash prize.

The image library Sharp shipped Resize, crop, and output animated GIFs support. Sharp is the library that powers Gatsby's image handling, so hopefully, gifs will be picked up by gatsby-transformer-sharp sometime soon!

GitHub released Sponsored Repos. If you would like similar functionality without GitHub sponsors, check out my winning FuncJam entry: Selling access to a private Github repo with Stripe.

Gatsby is working on fixing the trainling slash qunondrum.

JSWorld postponed their conference until June but is giving us a free online conference this week.

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