How to fix inconsistent trailing slashes in Gatsby   ⚙️

I first learned about the problem of inconsistent trailing slashes from Monica Lent in her article How to Uncover Non-obvious SEO Mistakes on Gatsby Websites.

Then I experienced it when seeing "double" entries like "/timeline/" and "/timeline" in my POW! Analytics reports.

"/timeline/" and "/timeline" rows in the analytics report

This will happen if your internal links are inconsistent, but also if your internal links are consistently non-trailing slash while your hosting provider redirects from non-trailing to trailing URLs etc.

However, we no longer have to worry about getting it right; instead, you can configure Gatsby to make it consistent.

To do so, add trailingSlash to your gatsby-config.js and choose between:

  • always: Always add trailing slashes to each URL, e.g. /x to /x/.
  • never: Remove all trailing slashes on each URL, e.g. /x/ to /x.
  • ignore: Don't automatically modify the URL

I go for always!

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    // ...
  trailingSlash: "always",

All the best,
Queen Raae

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