Transform yourself from a friendly frontend engineer to a proper princess-life-saving skill builder

Ruby's TimeShip Cover: a collage

Is your skill building stuck in the suck zone?

Not sure how to motivate yourself to get your frontend skill building unstuck? You're working harder than ever, but you don't feel you are building a skill anymore. Do you miss the motivating-good-old-times when you were actually building a skill? Do you feel like you’re on a golden hamster wheel, you would get motivated, if only you could get your skill building unstuck?

You’ve tried to educate yourself about how to get your skill building out of this rut. You’ve read a bunch of blogposts. You’ve watched various videos. You’ve attended a collection of courses – but you can’t figure out how to get motivated and get yourself unstuck from the suck zone?

Imagine that tyour sister might die if you frontend skill building didn't get unstuck

Imagine this – Imagine if your frontend skill building had to get unstuck or your sister might die. In prison. And if your princess sister don't get out of prison, your whole city will be less civil and more hate filled. And then a lot of your friends and neighbours might die. Ruby Reckless faces this challenge in her job as frontend engineer on her own TimeShip on London Bridge in 1554. There is one way for Ruby Reckless to save her sister and that is skill building. Imagine if your frontend skill building this week could magically inspire Ruby to double down on HER skill building back in 1554. Impossible! Surely. Or is it? It's not impossible if Ruby can get the Gatsby function in her TimeShip to work. Because then Ruby Reckless can time travel to the future and get her skill building motivation from watching you keep on struggling on with your skill building.

Join Ruby Reckless on a feel-good-skill-building-quest to save her siste from Queen Murderous Mary's Masterplan

Get motivated – Could it be that all it takes to get you motivated is a weekly email reminder about how important your skill building is to another person, even a person in the past? There is only one way to find out, try it! Get your first feel-good-story-email to remind you to keep pushing through the pain and get your frontend skill building unstuck. Why us?

  • I’ve been building frontend skills for more than a six years
  • I have done 1000+ hours of frontend skill building (I logged the hours in my skill building logbook)
  • I routinely motivate myself using cutting edge motivation methods from recognized experts in the field

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How It Works:

Ruby's TimeShip — a frontend skill building quest to jailbreak a sister will take place in a short sequence of emails. It's a story Lillian (6 🏴‍☠️👸 ) and I just started writing, it will be over before you know it 😺. Every Sunday, we will send you a tiny part of Ruby's TimeShip to help you stay motivated in your frontend skill building struggles that week. But the welcome email will right after you sign up.

If you ever decide you don't want our story there's an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each and every email. Just click it and we'll part ways, no hard feelings!

But really, I don't think it will come to that. Why? Because you're about to get a slow drip of very valuable motivation! 😺

It'll be like giving your frontend skill building a weekly shot of vitamin B12.

For anything worth becoming badass at, there will be pain.

Kathy Sierra, Author of BADASS

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About the author

Hi! I’m Ola Vea, Queen Raae's piratical partner.

The family, Ola, Lillian and Raae

I wasn't always a just another friendly Frontend Engineer I grew up at sea. I grew up in a city, but I spent every summer at sea onboard my father's ship full of youngsters. We crossed the North Sea looking like a sunny mirror and we crossed the North Sea with waves the size of our tiny, white, wooden house where I now live with the Queen and our daughter Lillian (6 🏴‍☠️👸 ).

If I had to choose ONE thing I learned from my seafaring life, it is:

Learning by Doing

Teaching us Learning by Doing was my father's purpose in life. His misson as a teacher and as a father. And I guess when he died I inherited the Learning by Doing mission.

My father used his traditional sailing ship as a tool to show us that we already knew how to learn. My father made Learning by Doing easy and safe for his pupils and for my sister and for me and for our friends. My misson is to use your programming practice to show you that you already know how to learn.

What are you waiting for?

You’re running out of web page! Don’t spend another day believing that the solution to your programming practice woes is waiting around for motivation while you are distracted by something else.

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Wait! Don't take my word for it...

Here’s what engineers back in 1554 said about getting motivated by Lillian (6 🏴‍☠️👸 ) and me:

Lizabeth, Princess of England and later Queen

I'd be in prison in The Tower of London if it wasn't for Ruby's frontend skill building. And you dear reader probably wouldn't have for example William Shakespear's plays. Where would Shakespear's plays have been without my years of golden rule and the following Golden Age of Pirates? Gone if Mary 1 had won. Don't thank me, thank my half sister Ruby Reckless.

Lizabeth, Princess of England and later Queen
Fulvia "The Fox" Renard, Queen Mary's Super Spy

Ruby is a wonderful opponent. She goes out of her way to make my life interesting and will challenge me and do the things that – though I might not always want them done to me – are crucial to keeping me motivated to build my skills as a scary super spy."

Fulvia "The Fox" Renard, Queen Mary's Super Spy
Ruby Reckless, Frontend Engineer on Ruby's TimeShip

I wish I could turn back the clock and get these weekly motivation reminders when I first started my frontend skill building - it would have saved me hours in the suck zone. I always thought I could FORCE myself to do frontend skill building - but I hit a wall and realized I needed help to get to next level of my own motivation game.

Ruby Reckless, Frontend Engineer on Ruby's TimeShip
Mary 1, Her Murderous Majesty of Britannia And Badass Backend Engineer

Dammit, if it wasn't for Ruby's frontend skill building MY iron hand would have ruled Britannia and Britannia would have Ruled the Waves. And then the Web. Forever....

Mary 1, Her Murderous Majesty of Britannia And Badass Backend Engineer
Ola Vea, Junior Frontend Engineer on POW!

Ruby Reckless, you finally convinced me to drop trying to practice several programming skills at once. I’ve now focused on Gatsby functions practice since the start of June 2021. Just wanted to say thank you.

Ola Vea, Junior Frontend Engineer on POW!