SSG even for authenticated routes in Gatsby

In yesterday's email, I alluded to a different approach for authenticated routes.

Instead of reaching for client-side only routes I more often utilize statically generated pages even for the authenticated routes these days.

You can protect these routes the same way Gatsby documents for client-side only routes. However, this does not consider a visitor refreshing a page while on an authenticated route. The code will kick the visitor off the page before the authentication status is determined.

Instead, I recommend assuming the visitor is supposed to be there if they hit an authenticated route. While waiting for the data to load, I will show a skeleton version of the page. If it turns out the visitor is not supposed to be there, I kick them off.

A skeleton version of a page is as much of the user interface as is possible without the data only available client-side. There is often a lot to show, menus, headers, icons, etc.

Skeleton Profile page

You can see the skeleton version of a profile page in action for POW!. If you get kicked off too soon, disable javascript to see it.

This approach gives a better experience for visitors using your app correctly; they will get a smooth transition from skeleton to the page filled with data. Visitors testing out routes they should not be on will get a flash of skeleton page before being kicked off, a slightly subpar experience.

Incidentally, the same topic of discussion, and pair programming, as on yesterday's unauthorized and rum-fueled treasure hunt in the sharky waters around the Gatsby islands, helping Mirjam with Conference Buddy v2.

Screengrab of the intro

Did any of this make sense? Reply to let me know either way...

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