Source remote images the right way with Gatsby v4

Gatsby v4 has been out for a while, and with v4 came a much stricter approach to creating and modifying nodes.

However there seems to be quite a bit of outdated documentation, as I experienced when looking into createResolvers.

An examples shows creating remote file nodes as part of a custom resolver. It worked for me locally but failed on Gatsby Cloud, and I found out it is no longer supported.

There are also examples using the ___NODE Convention for linking nodes that will be deprecated in v5.

In Gatsby Version 4:

Combined, we get the following recommended way of sourcing remote images:

exports.onCreateNode = async (gatsbyUtils) => {
  const { node, actions, reporter, createNodeId, getCache } = gatsbyUtils;
  const { createNodeField, createNode } = actions;

  if (node.internal.type === `YouTube`) {
    const imageFile = await createRemoteFileNode({
      // The url of the remote file
      url: node.oEmbed.thumbnail_url,

      name: `thumbnailFileId`,
    });`Created YouTube File Node for ${node.youTubeId} thumbnail`);

exports.createSchemaCustomization = ({ actions }) => {
    type YouTube implements Node {
      thumbnail: File @link(from: "fields.thumbnailFileId")

Example lifted from @raae/gatsby-source-youtube-oembed.

All the best,
Queen Raae

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