Coming full circle? WordPress + Gatsby

The founder of Gatsby WP Themes, Alexandra, helped us "Create and Customize a Gatsby Blog Powered by WordPress" in yesterday's unauthorized and rum-fueled treasure hunt in the sharky waters around the Gatsby islands.

Screengrab of Alexandra, Ola and me laughing

Like many of us in the world of web development past me created WordPress sites for a living. I stopped to focus on web apps rather than websites.

These days the lines are getting blurry. Content plays a big part for apps, and content sites often add more interactive functionality.

Current numbers put websites powered by WordPress at over 30%. That is a lot of content stored in WordPress installations.

And I believe it probably should stay stored there. But you should absolutly experiment with using some of that content in a Gatsy project.

Maybe one article or one category of posts could benefit from the Gatsby approach? Weaved together with content and functionality from somewhere else like Shopify, maybe?

To get off on the right foot, use a starter to get a sense of how it can be done.

Gatsby released a new Gatsby + WordPress starter this week, and Gatsby WP Themes has plugins, themes, and starters ready for you.

And then maybe

All the best,
Queen Raae

PS: John asked in the chat if you could use .com as well as .org versions of WordPress. And yes, you may!

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