Stop the build with `reporter.panic`

On last week's show, we sourced data from Supabase in the form of little avatars.

If the sourcing fails though, we'll get problems down the road with the Avatars component:

Cannot query field "allUserAvatar" on type "Query"

It would be better to fail as fast as possible, and you may do so with reporter.panic.

// File: gatsby-node.js

const { createClient } = require("@supabase/supabase-js");

const supabaseUrl = process.env.GATSBY_PUBLIC_SUPABASE_URL;
const supabaseServiceKey = process.env.SUPABASE_SERVICE_KEY;

const serviceSupabase = createClient(supabaseUrl, supabaseServiceKey);

exports.sourceNodes = async (gatsbyUtils) => {
  const { actions, createNodeId, createContentDigest, reporter } = gatsbyUtils;
  const { createNode } = actions;

  const { data, error } = await serviceSupabase
    .select("username, avatar_url")

  if (error) {
    // 👇👇👇 Stops the build
    reporter.panic("No avatars sourced", error);

  data.forEach((item) => {
      id: createNodeId(item.username),
      avatarUrl: item.avatar_url,
      username: item.username,
      internal: {
        type: "UserAvatar",
        contentDigest: createContentDigest(item),

Read more about the reporter helper in the Gatsby Docs.

All the best,
Queen Raae

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