Fuzzy search FTW with Xata

This week we explored search for "Prune your follows" on the unauthorized and rum-fueled treasure hunt in the sharky waters around the Gatsby islands 🏴‍☠️

Xata has search built-in. Even fuzzy search! Something that makes a dyslectic like me very happy.

Fuzzy search allows spelling errors by setting a fuzziness level.

On stream, we didn't manage to highlight the matches. We did think it was probably possible. And we were right! A Xata engineer reached out after the stream and told us how 🥳

Highlighting Celebration Tweet

The Code

// Function user in server-side code,
// in our case by a Gatsby Serverless Function

export const searchFollowing = async ({ followerId, sort, search }) => {
  const results = await xata.search.all(search, {
    tables: [
        table: "accounts",
        target: [
          { column: "name", weight: 7 },
          { column: "username", weight: 7 },
          { column: "meta.location" },
          { column: "meta.description" },
        filter: { followed_by: followerId },
    highlight: { enabled: true },
    fuzziness: 1,
    prefix: "phrase",

  return results.map((result) => {
    return {
      searchInfo: result.record.getMetadata(),

Results returned from the above function 👇

// Removed surplus properties for brevity
    "table": "accounts",
    "record": {
      "name": "Xata 🦋 Think Data, not Databases",
      "username": "xata",
      "followed_by": "4092141"
    "searchInfo": {
      "highlight": {
        "followed_by": ["<em>4092141</em>"],
        "name": ["<em>Xata</em> 🦋 Think <em>Data</em>, not Databases"],
        "username": ["<em>xata</em>"]
      "score": 40.357788,
      "table": "accounts",
      "version": 15
    // And more results

And we can use the highlight property to create highlighted results.

For the complete code, check out the Prune your Follows repository on Github.


All the best,
Queen Raae


PS: Xata is sponsoring our rework of Prune your Follows

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