Did it drive traffic? Product Hunt vs. Tech Crunch

Yes, in roughly equal amounts. But of course, without a Product Hunt, there would probably not have been a Tech Crunch article.

Prune your Follows came in as the 13th product of the day, showing that even when missing the elusive top 10, a Product Hunt launch can still have an add-on effect.

Full analytics for the last 30 days

Things change a little by looking at the traffic directly from the two sources. Product Hunt does not have much of a long tale, but it seems Tech Crunch might.

Product Hunt Traffic

Tech Crunch Traffic

🤦‍♀️ We do not track the signup dates, so I cannot give you a pretty graph of the signups. However, I followed the numbers of users in the database pretty closely during both events, and the traffic peaks corresponded to a spike in new users.

Note to self for next time: Either make sure to track signup dates or, better yet, use a tool like LogSnag, and I'd have a pretty graph to show out of the box.

Current status:

  • 820 users
  • 13.767 unfollows facilitated
  • 308 emails collected


All the best,
Queen Raae

PS: You may play with the analytics yourself on Fathom

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