Winter vacay ❄️ And this week around the Gatsby islands

It's the winter vacation here in Oslo. We'll spend the beginning of the week in work mode and the end of the week at a cabin our friends rent without electicity or running water.

The plan was to skip this week's unauthorized and rum-fueled treasure hunt, but we encountered a bug in the Cloudinary SDK, Colby was game for some pair programming, so we're on Tuesday at 20:00 CET 🔴

This week

🔴 🐢 Slow & Steady - Episode 171
— Tuesday, February 21st @ 15:15 CET

🔴 🏴‍☠️ Let's fix a Cloudinary SDK bug with Colby Fayock · #JamstackPirates
— Tuesday, February 21st @ 20:00 CET

Future Royal visits by Queen Raae

Fireside Chat with Benedicte Raae: Making an Impact in the Developer Community (Codesmith)
— Tuesday, February 28th @ 21:00 CET (registration is open)

Cloudinary DevJam (Cloudinary)
— Wednesday, March 15th @ 19:00 CET (not on the schedule yet)


All the best,
Queen Raae

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