How to send an email in 10 days from your app?

How would you send an email 10 days from now in your app?

Below is a cleaned-up version of my response to Aditya Malani when he asked this question on x-bird app.

Drip Campaigns: Platforms like Userlist, ConvertKit, or Outseta offer capabilities to set up drip campaigns with delays you may trigger from your app.

Email Scheduling: Services like like SendGrid and Mailchimp Transactional let you schedule emails in the future.

Cron job: Set up a cron job (for Node, there is node-cron) to periodically check the time since the event and send an email through providers such as Resend when the elapsed time hits 10 days.

Queues: Last but not least, you may use a queue solution with delay capabilities like RabbitMQ or Inngest with SendGrid, Resend etc.

Any I missed? Any your favorite way?

All the best,
Queen Raae

PS: Remember to move your Gatsby Cloud sites soon (mostly a reminder to myself).

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