Kind of annoyed at React​

Last week, Cassidy Williams wrote Kind of annoyed at React, and I wholeheartedly agree with her train of thought.

In it, she mentioned that the latest React release was in June 2022 🤯

That made me peek at the release note again, reminding me that React Server Components (RSC) are still experimental.

And together with experiences like:

Every time a new developer picked up our codebase, the questions came up: “What’s running on the server? What’s running on the client?” Every PR had feedback regarding something accidentally/unnecessarily shipped to the client.

mentioned in ​Everything I Wish I Knew before moving 50,000 lines of code to React Server Components​ it makes me cautious, very cautious.

But it's always a good idea to try to understand a concept, and for that, I recommend Josh Comeau's post Making Sense of React Server Components.


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