What is "to scale"?

Always ask for numbers when someone wants your help with a web project that needs to be able to scale.

  • How many users?
  • How many transactions?
  • How many uploads?

Even a company with all of the Norwegian population (5.4 million) as its possible customer base will never get close to what an Amazon or a Spotify would need in terms of scale.

When I asked, "How many customers are we talking about scaling to in the next three years, best case?" in a meeting this week, the answer was 900.

900 customers with no uploads, posts, or multiple transactions per customer, and all traffic to the site is coming from within Norway. Maybe not all; someone might log in while on vacation. But you get my point.

All the buzzwords are void.

No need for replications of edge functions across the globe, no need to handle 1000s of simultaneous requests, no need for real-time SDK, and the list goes on.


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