Did you know GraphiQL in Gatsby can export code for you?

An email sent by Queen Raae 👑 on December 10th, 2021

Hello there,

Working through Mirjam's markdown homework on yesterday's stream, I remembered how empowered I felt when I found out there is an Export code feature in Gatsby's GraphiQL.

I decided to pay it forward, and our Great and Powerful Pirate Guest, Swizec was flabbergasted...

Wow, is that new? That is so cool!

Screengrab of the stream where we demo the export code feature

You can choose to export

  • Page Query code, Screengrab showing off the Page Query export

  • StaticQuery hook code, Screengrab showing off the StaticQuery hook export

  • or StaticQuery component code. Screengrab showing off the StaticQuery hook export

Did you know?
Do you use it?

All the best,
Queen Raae

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