Gatsby ImageCDN on Netlify  🖼 ☁️

The POW! web app is hosted on Netlify, and so is the soon to be released version of the marketing site.

However, after upgrading to the latest version of @raae/gatsby-source-youtube-oembed, with support for Gatsby ImageCDN, my sourced YouTube Thumbnails went blank...

Turns out support for Gatsby ImageCDN is not on by default; you need to set the environment variable GATSBY_CLOUD_IMAGE_CDN set to true.


After doing so and triggering a "Clear cache and deploy site," the YouTube Thumbnails came back, and all was good!

YouTube Thumbnail via Gatsby ImageCDN on Netlify .

All the best,
Queen Raae

PS: Interested in learning how to add Gatsby ImageCDN support to your plugin? Check out How to add support for Gatsby ImageCDN in your source plugin 🖼 ☁️

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