How to properly handle URLs in javascript

When scraping Crowdcast for webinars to add to the Gatsby Data Layer last week we got back some funny looking paths:


The search params, i.e.: utm_source, utm_medium etc. should be removed and the path should be transformed into an absolute URL.

We could split the string on ? and add, but we can also reach for the Javascript's built-in URL constructor:

const base = "";
const path =

const url = new URL(path, base);

Using the URL constructor results in a very useful object describing our URL:

  href: '',
  origin: '',
  protocol: 'https:',
  username: '',
  password: '',
  host: '',
  hostname: '',
  port: '',
  pathname: '/e/gatsby-gotchas-react/register',
  search: '?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=profile_web&utm_campaign=profile',
  searchParams: URLSearchParams {
    'utm_source' => 'profile',
    'utm_medium' => 'profile_web',
    'utm_campaign' => 'profile' },
  hash: ''

To get a "clean" URL add origin and pathname together:

const cleanUrl = url.origin + url.pathname;

You should reach for the URL constructor anytime you need to work on a URL!

Notice, for instance, how it gracefully handled a trailing slash for base. String concatenation base + path in this case would result in an invalid URL with a double slash:

All the best,
Queen Raae

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