Moar logs with gatsby build/develop --verbose

Gatsby has its own reporter helper giving us 5 log levels: verbose, info, warn, error and panic.

By default when using gatsby develop and gatsby build you'll see all but the verbose messages.

But sometimes it can be beneficial to see moar logs, and you can turn on the verbose messages by using the flag verbose: gatsby develop --verbose or gatsby build --verbose.

Enabling verbose logging will for instance give you an overview of your nodes:

verbose Number of node types: 13. Nodes per type: Directory: 230,
  File: 384, ImageSharp: 159, Landing: 12, MarkdownRemark: 215,
  OlaVeaEmail: 18, QueenEmail: 162, Site: 1, SiteBuildMetadata: 1,
  SitePage: 381, SitePlugin: 67, Talk: 6, TestimonialsYaml: 12


All the best,
Queen Raae

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