Exploring Xata (Cloudflare) Workers for Prune your Follows

As soon as Prune your Follows facilitates 500 unfollows in 24 hours, it gets blocked by Twitter for 24 hours.

To combat this, we think that some type of queuing architecture is needed. Feel free to reply if you have any input!

So we decided to explore Xata Workers on this week's unauthorized and rum-fueled treasure hunt as Xata Workers is built on top of Cloudflare Workers and Cloudflare also has Cloudflare Queues 🤔

Screengrab of stream with crazy looking Captain Ola and funny looking Pirate Princess

To my surprise we did get a Worker working locally while on stream 🥳

However, we did not handle authenticating the user inside our Xata Worker. Needed to make sure the user has access and only gets relevant records.

Pirate Shai to the rescue; hopefully, time will tell...

getToken() is a shortcut wrapper that uses process.env, which doesn't exist in the Xata Worker, but you can instead use decode() directly and pass it the token (from request.headers) and secret (from env) yourself

The How

  1. We initialized Xata Workers in our exiting Xata project xata workers init,
  2. defined a Xata Worker, copy/past-ing the code from our Gatsby Function,
  3. and then used the defined Worker directly in our useQuery replacing the GET request to /api/account

The Xata CLI will magically cut out the Xata Worker code and deploy it to Cloudflare for us, using xata upload 🤯

For local development, we used xata workers watch. Not completly sure what happens then 😬

import { useQuery } from "@tanstack/react-query";
import { useUser } from "../user";

import { xataWorker } from "./../../xata";

// Define Xata Worker 1️⃣
const searchAccount = xataWorker(
  async ({ xata }, { search }) => {
    const searchResults = await xata.search.all(search, {
      tables: [
          table: "accounts",
          target: [
            { column: "name", weight: 3 },
            { column: "username", weight: 7 },
            { column: "meta.location" },
            { column: "meta.description" },
      highlight: { enabled: true },
      fuzziness: 1,
      prefix: "phrase",

    const records = searchResults.map((result) => {
      return {
        searchInfo: result.record.getMetadata(),

    return { records };

export default function useSearch({ search }) {
  const { data: user } = useUser();

  return useQuery(
    ["accounts", user?.id, "search", search],
    async () => {
      // Use the Xata Worker 2️⃣
      return searchAccount({ search: search });
      enabled: Boolean(user?.enableQueries) && Boolean(search),
      keepPreviousData: true,

As mentioned, this code is incomplete, as we need to filter the accounts by the authenticated user.

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All the best,
Queen Raae

PS: Follow the Pull Request if you are very interested 🤪

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