OpenAI-powered Semantic Search for Prune your Follows?

This weekend I explored Semantic Search using OpenAI and Vector Search from Xata to see if it could be something for Prune your Follows.

To understand the difference better, I created a demo comparing it to the other two search options Xata provides: full-text search with fuzzy matching and partial plaintext search using "contains".

Searching for "norway" all three gives us results for accounts mentioning "norway" in some way:

A search for "norway" gives results for all three types of search

However, when searching for "norwegians" we can see where Semantic Search shines. @nynorskdama does not mention "norwegian" or "norway", but semantically "norsk" is the same as "norwegian" in Norwegian 🤯

A search for "norwegians" gives results for all but plaintext type of search

It might also know that "Ulsteinvik" is geography part of Norway and thus semantically close to "norwegians" as is the case when searching for "valdres" - a location in Norway and it gives us accounts located other places in Norway:

A search for "valdres" gives results only for semantic stype of search

For a great rundown of how to get started and the article I used to kick start my journey, check out Swizec's Build semantic search in an afternoon? Yep 🤯 even if it took me longer than an afternoon 😬

The next step is to use what I have learned to explore a similar accounts feature for Prune your Follows on this week's unauthorized and rum-fueled treasure hunt.


All the best,
Queen Raae

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