Always start with an array, never...

In our interview with Monica Lent for the Xata podcast Data in the Wild, she offhandedly said, "Never start with a string; start with an array of strings!" and it blew my mind.

What does it mean?

Monica's product Affilimate gives you actionable insight into the affiliate links on your site. And they started with the assumption that one organization would only own one website. Later, of course, they had to remodel that to an array of sites.

The downside of modeling a thing as an array right off the bat is minimal while migrating to an array later on, is quite the ordeal.

So when Monica was modeling users and roles, she made sure a user could inhabit multiple roles and that a role could consist of multiple scopes.

Watch the full live interview on YouTube →
Also worth looking at is Ola's shetchnote tweet. Retweets are welcome.

Ola's sketchnote tweet


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