This week around the Gatsby islands  🏝 🗓

Yesterday I got to meet long-term internet friend Monica Lent, of Blogging for devs fame. If you haven't signed up for her free email course yet, you are in for a treat.

Hopefully, I get to meet many more internet friends IRL before the year ends as I'llI'll be speaking at the Jamstack Conf in San Fransisco and then at Modern Frontends in London 🎉

Gatsby is hyping the Data Layer these days. Coincidently my favorite part of Gatsby, so I am all for that. I am eager to get my hands on Runtime GraphQL for instance.

Runtime GraphQL. By far the most requested feature for the data layer! Soon you'll be able to query GraphQL — not just at build time — but from functions and during SSR.

Read Kyle Mathews blog post for more Data Layer goodies.

There have been five minor Gatsby releases while I've enjoyed the summer 🤯 Check out the release log to get up to speed. But here are some of my favs:

Our streaming schedule this week

🔴 🏴‍☠️ Refactor from React Helmet to the new Gatsby Head API · #GatsbyJS Deep Dive
— Thursday, September 1st @ 19:00 CEST

Other events

Make Static Pages Dynamic With Netlify Edge Functions (Learn with Jason)
— Tuesday, August 30th @ 19:30 CEST


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